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Moody Fall Florals

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Creating a witchy and magical fall flower arrangement can be a fun and creative project. Here are some fall flowers and foliage that can add a mystical touch to your arrangement:

  1. Black Roses: Black roses are often associated with mystery and the unknown, making them a perfect addition to a witchy arrangement.

  2. Deep Purple or Black Dahlias: Dahlias come in a variety of colors, including deep purples and nearly black hues, which can give your arrangement a dark and enchanting vibe.

  3. Purple Calla Lilies: The elegant and twisted form of calla lilies can add a touch of sophistication to your arrangement, and their purple color adds to the mystical feel.

  4. Red or Burgundy Chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemums are a popular fall flower. Choose dark red or burgundy varieties to add depth and a touch of gothic beauty.

  5. Black Magic Petunias: These unique petunias have deep, dark purple or black petals that can add an eerie and enchanting element to your arrangement.

  6. Blood-Red Ranunculus: Ranunculus flowers have lush, layered petals, and the deep red or burgundy varieties can add a touch of drama to your arrangement.

  7. Deep Purple and Black Calla Lilies: As mentioned earlier, calla lilies have a unique form and come in deep, dark colors that are perfect for a witchy arrangement.

  8. Dark Sunflowers: Sunflowers are typically associated with summer, but dark or chocolate sunflowers with deep, almost black centers can be a striking addition to a fall arrangement.

  9. Purple and Black Tulips: These flowers can add a sense of mystique and enchantment to your bouquet.

  10. Autumn Foliage: Incorporate various fall foliage such as deep red maple leaves, dark purple and black ornamental grasses, and branches with dark berries or fruits for a more bewitching look.

  11. Black Magic Hollyhocks: Hollyhocks can add height and a unique touch to your arrangement. The 'Black Magic' variety has dark, almost black blooms.

  12. Dried Flowers and Seed Pods: Incorporating dried flowers like dark dried hydrangea, black-eyed Susan seed pods, and ornamental corn can add an authentic fall witchy feel to your arrangement.

  13. Mystical Herbs: Incorporate herbs like rosemary, lavender, or sage for their magical and aromatic properties.

  14. Decorative Accents: Enhance the witchy vibe with decorative accents like feathers, crystals, mini cauldrons, or even small figurines of mystical creatures like black cats or owls.

Remember to use your creativity to arrange these flowers and elements in a way that captures the enchanting and magical atmosphere you desire. Additionally, you can use dark or black-colored vases or containers to enhance the overall witchy aesthetic.

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