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Fall Planting: How-To plan for a bloom-full spring.

Fall is the perfect time to plant bulbs because the cooler temperatures allow them to establish their root systems before the cold winter sets in. Plus, when spring rolls around, you'll be rewarded with a stunning display of colorful flowers that will make your garden pop.

So, let's dive right into the bulb planting process-

  • First, choose your bulbs wisely. Tulips, daffodils, crocuses, and hyacinths are all fantastic choices for New England gardens. Make sure to select bulbs that are firm and free from any signs of damage or disease.

  • Next, it's time to prepare your garden bed. Find a sunny spot with well-draining soil. Loosen the soil with a garden fork or tiller, removing any weeds or rocks that you come across. If your soil is heavy, consider adding some organic matter, such as compost, to improve drainage.

  • Then, grab your bulbs and get ready to dig! The general rule of thumb is to plant bulbs at a depth that is three times their height. Space them out accordingly, following the recommended spacing on the packaging. Gently place each bulb in the hole, pointed end up, and cover it with soil, patting it down lightly.

Once all your bulbs are snugly planted, give them a good, deep watering to help settle the soil and provide them with some much-needed moisture. After that, sit back, relax, and let Mother Nature work her magic!

*Remember, bulbs need a period of cold dormancy to thrive,

so don't worry if you're planting them just before the first frost. The chilly winter months will actually help them grow stronger and more vibrant when spring arrives. As the days grow longer and temperatures start to rise, you'll witness the transformation of your garden into a colorful paradise.

So, grab your gardening gloves and get ready for some bulb planting fun. With a little effort now, you'll be rewarded with a breathtaking display of flowers come springtime.

Happy gardening!

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