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Horticulture: The Art of Garden Management

Gardener and landscaper checking on fresh planting in the spring

Horticulture, what is it? Many people hear the word and have no idea what it means. However, horticulture is one of the most important aspects to a successful, natural environment. Horticulture by definition, is the art of garden cultivation and management. Which means, unlike most lawn maintenance companies, a horticulturist will not only develop an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere but also one that is healthy and thriving.

When it comes to garden design, there are a few key elements to creating a sustainable, healthy space; not simply the aesthetics. One on those reasons being the ability to choose what plants and flowers best complement each other, and the space in question. A horticulturist will know what flowers promote pollination, support the growth of other plants, and how the pH level in the soil affects the overall wellness of your garden.

The main difference you see when the knowledge and care of a horticulturist are included in your property maintenance, is in the development of the plants. Going a step further than landscaping, a horticulturist will understand the science behind each plant, taking into consideration the effects of severe weather, and support for other wildlife in the environment. The effects of this knowledge results in higher yielding crops, larger fruits and vegetables, the reduction of damaging critters, and better overall vitality of the property.

In short, a garden will thrive when it is treated well. Support and promote the various plants, flowers, and crops as a working community with Bourne Green Horticulture. Invest in a deeper knowledge and better care for your property, because not all lawn care is the same.

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