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Rainy Day Weeding: The advantages of weeding during a light rain.

Ok, hear me out. I know you're wondering why anyone would possibly want to weed when it's raining but we have to think sustainably. Use nature to your advantage! It may be gloomy outside, but during a warm rain is the perfect time to get into your garden.

weeding on a rainy day

It's true, weeding isn’t typically fun It takes forever and no one likes being stuck under the hot sun (unless it’s a beach day, of course). However, save weeding for a rainy day and it might just become your favorite thing to do.

Here's our list -

Three reasons why getting into your garden while it's gloomy is a good idea!

1. Roots pull easily - Rain makes the soil soft and moist, making it easier to remove weeds from their roots.

2. Saves time and effort - Loose soil means less effort and you cover more ground in less time.

3. Cooler weather - Weeding in the rain can be more comfortable. The cooler temperatures can make it easier to work outside without feeling uncomfortable.

*Additionally, the rain can provide a refreshing feeling and bring calm to a crazy week. Or, turn weeding into a family activity! Get the kids out of the house on the days they're typically stuck inside, because who doesn't like to play in the rain?

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